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Their future is our future!
Our GOAL IS expansion to vocational programs ... we need your help!  It's hard to get a job, choose a career, go to college.  We can help them!

GVR Program - Genuine Vision Resource 

A locally owned Multi-media Production and Arts Academy with over 20 years of experience catering to emancipated foster children and young adults interested in the fields of video production, digital photography, digital graphics, and more.  Upon successfully completing the course, we work hard to connect each graduate with internships and employment opportunities.

CART Program - Computer Aided Realtime Translation

This program will teach emancipated foster youth a trade in CART Reporting, a derivation of court reporting.  Overseen by Isabel Hunt who has over 30 years of expertise in the court reporting field.

Tutoring Program - Homework Help

Tutoring foster youth in areas of learning.   Help us help them excel!  Sign up for tutoring or to be a tutor!