Embrace Me

"Empowering Families to Embrace Their Children"


ABOUT OUR DIRECTOR - Curriculum Vitae of Isabel Hunt

Since 1983 – Courtroom Court Reporter - Family Law, Criminal Law, DV/Restraining Orders

Since 1983 - Leadership positions in local church as Director, Women’s President, Pastoral

2011-  Founder of Embrace Me!

2012 – CASA Training with San Bernardino County 

2013-  President of nonprofit, Embrace Me! Family Services

2014 – Professional Supervised Visitation Monitor since 2011

2016 - Family Home Developer/Community Relations Coordinator

Personal – adoptive mom, foster mom, mentor to emancipated foster youth

Business – Trustline certified; Instructor for Professional Visitation Monitoring

ABOUT US - Our Beginnings

FAMILY - 2010
Embrace Me! started by one mom and her 2 sons as a Family Project named MAJIC Miracles.
"MAJIC" is an acronym for the first name of the family - Michael, Angelica, Joseph, Isabel & Christ.
"Miracles" for the miraculous way each one was brought into the family!
Teenage brothers, Michael & Joseph Salomon, 14 and 15 years old, took their Project to the Community and won the Community Hero Award for the City of Rancho Cucamonga in 2012.  They began a Do Something Club with their friends to bring awareness to the two Presidential Proclamations that May is National Foster Care Month and November is National Adoption Month and to share their experience doing foster care  with a little girl named Joslynn who ultimately was adopted by a wonderful family. 

Having a Christian upbringing,  they asked their pastor to begin an Adoption Ministry at their church....
Embrace Me! Adoption & Foster Care was birthed at Water of Life Community Church in Fontana.
We have a dedicated staff  and a facebook community of many!

Embrace Me! Family Services is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization! 
Collaborating with Courts, Counties, Agencies, Churches, other organizations.

Networking community, government and individuals together to provide homes for children in need of a family.

Collecting Stories of Adoption & Foster Care from volunteers, parents, organizations to inspire positive change!

                    The Miraculous way all three children                      
                    were brought into the family!!

ANGELICA - was adopted at age 8 because her biological mother had health issues and her aged father could no longer adequately care for her.  She had been in Foster Care twice before Isabel sought to gain custody of Angelica.  She came to our home in a Miraculous way because despite the Probation Department's report to NOT grant custody, the Judge still agreed to place her in our care.  She came to us on Christmas Eve, the most unexpected, priceless Christmas gift ever straight from CHRIST on CHRISTmas!

MICHAEL- Another miracle because, first of all, his biological mother had set an appointment to have an abortion and changed her mind at the last minute.  He was set to be adopted by a couple from Chicago, but when he was born, the couple wanted him to be placed in Foster Care which upset his biological grandmother who said, "Find me a family who will take him now!"   Despite the fact, we weren't registered with the agency who found him, they allowed us to scramble to do the paperwork and get the money that God miraculously provided and we adopted Michael since he was 5 days old!

JOSEPH - Third miracle -- after 10 years of infertility and doctor visits, inseminations and tests, zero, nada, zilch ... verdict:  YOU ARE INFERTILE!
My sister invites me to a Healing Service where Evangelist Freddy Clark from Florida will be speaking -- he has the Gift of Knowledge.  I am in church holding 9-month old Michael and Evangelist Clark calls me up to pray for me asking me if I would like a blood transfusion from heaven?  I concede.  He prays.  I am healed and months later, I am pregnant with this AMAZING gifted child who is the answer to a lot of PRAYERS!!!

ISABEL - Mother based on Psalms 119:13, " He maketh the barren woman to keep house, and to be a joyful mother of children."

Teenage brothers, Michael & Joseph Salomon,
 Youth Making a Difference in their Community
 based on I Timothy 4:12

"Don't let anyone look down on you
        because you are young."